Saturday, March 25, 2023

About Us

360 PlatformCorreia Corporation 360 Platform provides a full scope of real estate services from pre-development through operations. We focus on creating enduring, long-term relationships. We make decisions based on a long-range perspective. Our emphasis is on creating capital value. We leverage our skills in finance, planning, construction, project administration, marketing, property management. This is accomplished with the talents of innovative designers, consultants and planners. Our involvement does not end when the project is complete, it continues with professional property operations services.

Our management programs are designed to:

  • enhance the lasting quality of the property
  • maximize property income and value
  • balance tenant needs with ownership objectives

As part of property operations, we also provide leasing services to local and national developers, financial institutions and REITs. Whether a development is in the planning stages, approaching initial opening or working to maximize value with a maintenance leasing program, our comprehensive services will help you realize its full potential. We also provide retail and commercial services.