Saturday, March 25, 2023

Correia Community Association Management (Correia - CAM)

Community Association ManagementA community association operates as a government, a community, and a business, making it a truly specialized organization. America’s 231,000 community associations are led by more than a million volunteers – homeowners who dedicate their free time and expertise to serving on boards and committees to ensure that all residents can enjoy the benefits of their community. It’s an enormous job with a great deal of responsibility. Selecting the right management company can make the job much easier.

Our Home Owner & Condo Association Administrative Services include:

Supervise Maintenance of Common Facilities

  • Coordinate and consult with Board and committees on maintenance program
  • Periodic inspections of the common property
  • Initiate preventive maintenance programs
  • Assist in drafting bid specifications for work to be done
  • Negotiate contracts on behalf of the Board
  • Oversee maintenance of landscaping
  • Inspect completed work as necessary

Accounting Services

  • Bill, collect and deposit assessments
  • Send delinquent notices and submit to Board statement of delinquent accounts
  • Coordinate collection actions when directed by the Board
  • Pay all obligations of Association as provided in the budget or approved by Board
  • Prepare quarterly or monthly operating statements
  • Cause all necessary tax reports to be prepared
  • Assist the Board in drafting annual budgets

Insurance Coverage

  • Define requirements in Declaration
  • Ascertain replacement value or required value
  • Obtain bids and place insurance
  • Process Association’s insurance claims

Administrative Functions

  • Consult with the Board on standards to be maintained for the Association
  • Assist Board with Interpreting the Declarations, Covenants, and By-Laws
  • Attempt to secure compliance by owners/guests with the Declarations, By-Laws and Rules of the Association
  • Coordinate meetings. Issue meeting agendas and notices, attend meetings, and distribute Board packages
  • Process Architectural Review Applications
  • Maintain thorough communications with Board members
  • Assist Homeowners regarding questions and issues
  • Maintain and provide access to association records
  • Maintain homeowner database

Attend Board meetings

  • Assist in preparations for homeowners meetings and attend them
  • Distribute pertinent information to owners as agreed upon
  • Recommend and set up operating procedures for the handling of maintenance and complaints.

Computer Services

  • Provide a basic web presence for each client association to download association rules, by-laws, covenants, clubhouse reservation forms, and other online documents
  • Optional web access for homeowners to securely view their dues payment history, architectural review history, and to track the progress of their work requests through our computerized work order system.
  • Optional – All web site homeowner data is populated by our accounting software, Caliber. Caliber is specialized software developed for the unique needs of homeowner associations. Owners can view their homeowner data as it is set up in our data base and can submit online any corrections or changes. The Caliber software allows owners the option of dues payments with a lock box payments coupon or the convenience of automatic drafts (ACH).